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At Menai it is our aim to recreate individual styles that suit our clients needs while maintaining their desired budget. We offer a variety of services from landscaping through to major constructions including developments of homes and small commercial buildings. We even make sure that your residential and commercial buildings are left in spotless condition, we use Bond Cleaning Sydney, the biggest end of lease cleaning in Sydney provider. Bond Cleaning Sydney havd assisted us with numerous builder cleans and have astonished our clients with their new property.

At Menai our focus is to create individual design styles that exceed the aspiration of our clients, while maintaining their desired budget. Design is only part of our service. We possess a strong understanding of all facets of the construction, design, landscaping and building process.

We accept that every project and client is unique and requires and individual approach. It is why we are respected by our peers and have a track record that is unsurpassed. From landscaping through to major constructions including the design, development and construction of homes and small commercial buildings, you can rely that we’ll get your job completed on time and on budget.

It all starts with an idea. Not ours but yours. Once we have established your individual style and have a feel for the budget, we’ll work on turning the concept into a series of basic designs.  From there we progress to full working drawings. It is at this stage where we provide you with a series of plans that when approved will enable the constructed process to commence.

These plans are a amalgamation of several areas of expertise that are needed to create the architectural images, structural engineering, internal finishes and landscaping that is necessary to complete the project.  As part of the service we will provide all necessary approvals with all local regulative authorities.

Throughout the design process, you have the choice to be involved as much or as little as you want. As we commence each step of the design and construction process we consult with you to gain input and approval. At the completion of each stage we ask you to review the design and provide feedback. This communication process continues until your project is complete.

The final and most critical stage of the whole process is the building stage. This is where all the meticulous planning and preparation comes to fruition. At Menai we pride ourselves on meeting the highest industry standards of quality while maintaining a realistic time schedule.

Cutting corners or using cheap materials is not an option. We only accept workmanship of the highest possible standard using tradesman with proven reputation and strictly adhere to the Building Code of Australia and best methods possible policy.

Beyond all the government regulations and red tape, what makes us different is that we love the building process, it is our lifeblood, each and every job we treat as though it is our first and as such, we personally and vigilantly keep a check on every step from the initial foundation dig to the last lick of paint.

Recent Project

Recent Project

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