Quality Home Builder

Menai is recognised for providing excellence in contemporary and innovative design and construction with an emphasis on creating house designs that transcends the traditional architectural and lifestyle boundaries.

Unlike many design companies we don’t have a signature design; instead we focus on ensuring each home follows our footprint of designing individual, energy efficient, sustainable and architectural superior homes.

Under the direction of Jeremy Cole the company has been functioning successfully in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales for the last 14 years. Jeremy is a registered builder with a wealth of experience in both residential and commercial building. He has completed a certificate IV in building and an associate diploma of architecture Jeremy has been a member of Queensland Master Builders Association since 1998.

This experience of working closely with clients, architects and engineers has provided the company with knowledge drawn from a variety of different individuals and companies. This research tool has been documented as is drawn on to help understand current trends.

This expertise and experience provides Jeremy and his team with a clear market advantage that sets the company apart from its competitors and guarantees that each and every design is, unique, functional, beautiful and most importantly “buildable”.

A Message from Jeremy

Today, the idea of the modern home is as varied as the individuals that inhabit them. More than just a shelter from the prevailing elements, houses today have evolved into a passionate expression of individual tastes and lifestyles. From the exterior lines to the choice of interior colours, from textures and appliances, from open plan or modular living spaces to timber or tile.

Great design is all about reflecting the individuals need for harmony within their surroundings. It’s ensuring there is a true collaboration between designer, builder and owner.  It’s about finding the perfect balance, a balance that, after 14 years in the business, we feel we bring to all our clients.

Best regards
Jeremy Cole